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Museum Takeover: Bodies of Knowledge

Bodies of Knowledge
BODIES OF KNOWLEDGE How are forgotten, deviant and non-normative bodies of knowledge able to 'take over' the the museum? During the symposium on Friday 3 May, the results of the research programme Deviant Practice 2018-2019 will be presented to the public at the Van Abbemuseum. Nine research grants were awarded to group of artists, archivists, writers and curators drawing on the museum’s archive, constituencies and local context. The papers that will be presented are: - 'Recoding Art: Van Abbemuseum collection' by Bruno Moreschi and Gabriel Pereira - 'The Van Abbemuseum under fascist influences. Exhibitions 1939-1944' by Evelien Scheltinga - 'Meaningful Matter: Testing Feminist Pedagogies in the Exhibition Space' by Ana S González Rueda - 'Exhibiting USSR in Construction today: from aestheticized politics to politicized aesthetics' by Michelle de Wit - 'Vagevuur' by Sam Ashby - 'Department of sexual revolution studies' by Eimar Walshe - 'Hardcore Eindhoven' by Anthea Black and Mikiki - 'Gate Foundation archive' by Jessica de Abreu and Michael Karabinos - 'Use, Use value and constituencies' by John Byrne https://vanabbemuseum.nl/programma/programma/museum-takeover-bodies-of-knowledge-2/